Welcome to MMA Studio

MMA Studio is a leading mixed martial arts gym and academy, situated within the Van Dang Martial Arts Academy, in the heart of Manchester city centre. We aim to enhance the teaching of martial arts by offering qualified instructors to the public in a fully equipped and safe environment.

Classes are held by director Ozzy Haluk, former professional mixed martial arts fighter and team member of Manchester Ground ‘N’ Pound.

Our mission:

– Cater to a wide range of people interested in keeping fit through martial arts.
– Offer a dynamic training curriculum.
– Open the fastest growing sport in the world to a wider public.
– Extend the benefits of MMA training to everyone inclusively.
– Teach specific disciplines of the finest combative and traditional martial arts.

Mixed classes are taught Monday to Thursday, with a variety of training each week for the martial artist looking for something different. Beginners are most welcome – without struggle there is no progress. Private lessons are available upon request with Ozzy Haluk. We anticipate that women’s and children’s classes will be available soon.

We specialise in:

MMA Boxing, MMA Kick-boxing, BJJ/Submission Wrestling, MMA/Vale Tudo Concepts
MMA/Street Knowledge, Freestyle/Olympic Wrestling

Explore the sweet science of Boxing – Learning precision striking skills with Kick-boxing, the art of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu/Olympic Wrestling – Filipino Weaponry and Street Knowledge self defence.

We constantly look forward to furthering our studio, providing great martial artists, including personal trainers, to better suit your needs within the high standards of MMA-Studio.