MMA Studio presents GASCA
Grapple and Strike Combat Athletics


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or more popularly known as ultimate fighting is the fastest growing full contact sport to date. When the UFC first came to the United States in Denver Colorado back in 1993, the initial concept in the Octagon was to find which style of fighter was the most dominant one. Practitioners in Boxing, Kung Fu, Savate, Kick-boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and even Ninjutsu took to the stage. The outcome at that time was a spectacle for all to see, the rules were simple: no fish hooking, no biting or kicking directly to the groin and to make things tougher for competitors it was an eight man tournament with an open weight class, big man versus small man.

Today as the sport continues to evolve, rules and regulations have been brought forward to protect fighters from suffering permanent injuries. What started as a raw canvas has been highly improved and with martial artists adapting plus integrating styles to suit their ring craft, great athletes and champions have been produced around the world in the sport of MMA.

As a student, a fighter and full time coach, I’ve always believed in being a martial artist first and foremost – there is no limit to knowledge in or out of the ring. This issue has been debated and discussed worldwide on how to grade students, how to create a syllabus for a style that was dedicated purely for combat in the ring? The answer is a personal preference, not a solution.

MMA Studio UK presents GASCA – Grapple and Strike Combat Athletics. The grading syllabus uses a combination of stand-up techniques such as Boxing, Thai Kick-boxing, as well as ground-based strategies such as No Gi Submission Wrestling and Freestyle Olympic Wrestling. The GASCA system also teaches Street Knowledge Self-Defence which plays a key factor in completing this syllabus, utilizing head butts, eye jabs and sucker punches to name a few, making the student a complete fighter for competition, as well as being able to defend themselves in a real life situation.

Please note, that a practitioner studying GASCA cannot claim to be graded in ultimate fighting. All grading certificates and martial arts belts will be supplied by the MMA Studio UK.

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Ozzy Haluk