Our Coaches

Ozzy Haluk (Head Coach)

Professional martial artist Ozzy Haluk has accumulated over 19 years of martial arts experience and competed in the MMA circuit all over the UK, retiring in late 2006 with a record of 6 – 4 – 0. Popular promotions include Ultimate Combat, Cage Rage and CWFC. In 2005 he won the UK Storm Featherweight Title alongside Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy and Marc Goddard (UFC Referee). Ozzy’s martial arts background consists of many different styles and has also competed in various traditional combat sports such as Boxing and Submission Wrestling. Ozzy trained and studied with great champions worldwide, including the famous Nova Uniao fight team - Andre Pederneiras, Vitor Riberio and Jose Aldo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Growing as the leading MMA gym in Manchester’s City Centre, Ozzy has trained and levelled up many of today’s top UK fighters.

Ozzy Haluk is available for seminars upon request.

Richard Jones

Richard has over 12 years experience in martial arts, competing in both BJJ and MMA shows. Originally studying in more traditional styles, Richard’s training evolved early in his career when he moved to Manchester and started to work a complete routine for MMA fighting, under Ozzy Haluk. As a light weight fighter he has worked to utilise the flexibility and sensitivity of the traditional styles to serve as a base for a technical approach to a BJJ and submission wrestling game. As a lecturer in Film Special Effects at the University of Bolton, Richard thoroughly enjoys using his experience in teaching and training to help support the wide range of MMA classes run under Ozzy Haluk at MMA Studio.